Accurate translation of documents is becoming increasingly important for international companies. It is vital that your documentation complies with linguistic and professional conventions. Why run the risk of making an unprofessional impression when the solution is only a phone call or an e-mail away?
We offer translations in many different languages and fields. We are a Swiss translation company that is fully certified in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. We are based in Zug, Zurich or Vienna, but we also have international offices in London, Dublin, Toronto and New York. You profit from our efficient internal communication, which allows documents to be consigned in, for example, Zurich and retrieved in London the next day, entirely translated and certified. Needless to say, this saves you a great deal of time and trouble, as you don not have to arrange for any notarization yourself. And it does not even cost you more! Look no further; we are the people to turn to!

Certified translations tailored to industry

Our certified translator work with their native language and have knowledge of one or two professional fields. Not only do they know their languages inside out, but they also have a profound familiarity with the specific terminology of the industry. Translations are always proofread by other high-quality translators and, if necessary, also by professional experts. This way we can guarantee first-rate translations that are both linguistically and professionally accurate. You can find additional information on the industries and languages in which we translate on

Legislation services – from notaries to embassies

Many documents need to be certified in order to be legally valid. This is no obstacle for us, as we have an extensive network of notaries, embassies, and consulates. Regardless of if it concerns notarial authentication in Switzerland, or notarial legislation in New York or London, we can arrange document certification in the short term. Our certification services include translator certification, document notarization and legislation, apostille authentication and true copy of original certification.

Our company also knows the world of international documentation through our association with embassies and consulates may seem inaccessible, but they hold no secrets for us. This makes us a particularly attractive partner for internationally oriented companies that regularly need their documents translated and certified.

Contact us by phone or e-mail to find out more about how we can meet your specific requirements.
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