24/7 Translation Services in Switzerland

  • Lowest prices for written translations and interpreting services in Switzerland!
  • Translations in 24 hours, in the very centre of Zurich.
  • Specialization: legal translations; Eastern European languages.
  • From 10 CHF per A4 page (Standard translation)
  • From 20 CHF per A4 page (Certified translation)
  • From 0.04 CHF per word
  • From 35 CHF per hour of interpreting
  • From 50 CHF for Power of Attorney

What we offer:

Full range of written translations including:

  • birth, marriage and other certificates; degrees and diplomas in 24 HOURS
adoption documents
  • safety statements, contracts, employment procedures and any other company documents
  • marketing and advertising materials, presentations, commercial offers
  • websites
  • anything else you can think of

Our Certified Translation Service understands your unique and demanding translation services needs. As a professional language company, we appreciate your time and business. Our linguists specialise in various language spheres and have extensive experience and skills. Since 2000 we have been supporting over 600 customers of broad range through hundreds of projects, all over the world.

Our friendly and professional staff are always happy to meet even your most sophisticated translation & interpretation requirements in the shortest time while providing high quality, competitively priced service.

With thousands of foreign language interpretation & translation experts covering 100+ languages and spanning all continents, in-house desktop publishers, experienced project managers and state-of-the-art translation equipment, our Certfied Translation Services in Switzerland is capable to meet even the most demanding needs ensuring high level of services standards, accuracy and confidentiality.

For more information on how our team can help you and free consultation, please contact us 24/7.

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